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Stretcher frame system

The Stretcher Frame System is an equipped patient transport bus that our logisticians engineered in collaboration with Buslink. It is an everyday special needs bus which can be converted in less than 30 minutes to a multi-casualty patient transport vehicle. It forms part of the response capability that our medical team deploys.


TrackMi, developed by the National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre and funded by the Federal Attorney-General's office since 2010, was originally developed to track patients in a disaster zone to allow for early medical resource allocation.

TrackMi has many other uses beyond tracking patients, one of which is to monitor movements of people during cyclone evacuations and the recovery phase.

The device uses similar technology to supermarket tracking systems. A person wears a simple wristband with a bar code, the bar code is scanned using a handheld device, assigned to a flight for evacuation and the information is logged into TrackMi including the time, flight number and time of departure. The technology has been used to help manage the catering resources for evacuees at Camp Elcho in Galiwinku.

The NCCTRC has shared the technology with every state and territory and it has proved so cost-effective and efficient in trials that it has attracted international interest.

AUSMAT; Australian Medical Assistance Team; NCCTRC; National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre